Machine Solutions

Your Assembly Job. Our Solution.

Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of customized machine solutions, for example assembling your blood collection tubes or your injectors. You can rely on us as your expert partner for carrying out numerous assembly tasks, because we use many different platforms and can integrate a wide variety of processes on your request. In order to assemble your product to the highest possible levels of quality, we incorporate the latest developments and technologies.


Assembly of blood collection tubes

  • Fully automated entire solution
  • Modular construction
  • Additional proccesses can be added

Assembly of caps for blood collection tubes

  • Compact, linear design
  • Fully automated assembly and inspection
  • Add-on to the BCT-200

Assembly of pen injectors

  • Assembly of different pen injectors on one machine
  • Scalable machine platform
  • 360° labeling
  • Assembly by latching or gluing

Assembly of auto injectors

  • Assembly of different auto injectors on one machine
  • Scalable machine platform
  • Inspection of the needle and needle guard prior to assembly
  • Options for assembling additional injector safety features

Assembly of glass syringes

  • Gentle product handling
  • Processes from tray handling to bonding the cannulas and hardening
  • Production reliability by IPC
  • Compact machine footprint
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