Platforms and Processes

From Feeder Technology, Rotary Transfer Machines
and Oval Lines to Linear Systems

We integrate multiple processes into our platforms to create the perfect solution for your product assembly. This always focuses on the inspection and monitoring of the core processes. We can also offer our assistance during production: The line management software we have developed is used to assess the performance of the overall line performance and and the potential accumulation of defects. Potential areas for improvement are also identified.

Feeding and separation

Variety of vibrating and linear conveyors available for feeding and separation

Oval lines

Flexible, modular product assembly arrangement by the help of oval lines

Indexing tables

Compact design based on the indexing tables for high volumes and accuracy

Linear System

Comprehensive, complex assembly processes integrated into our linear systems

From feeding to final packaging

We integrate all the processes required into your assembly line. Many additional processes other than listed can be integrated.


The feeding and separation is done by various vibratory and linear conveyors. Individual parts are oriented and separated by different feeding types. Web and hose processing is also part of our repertoire. The interface design to the assembly line ensures the subsequent smooth operation.


From the processing of challenging components such as cannulas or hose winding and handling of trays/ denesters - product quality is always in focus.


In addition to the mechanical assembly of components, gluing or ultrasonic welding is also possible for us. If required and possible, we even integrate optional assembly processes on one machine. We will develop the most efficient assembly process for you - even if the number of components, geometries or materials are challenging.


We integrate mechanical testing (tensile testing), forcedisplacement measurement, optical testing (e.g. OCR) or functional testing (e.g. for tightness) to ensure your best possible product quality. The test procedures are nondestructive. A sampling port for ejection of parts during operation can be provided for sample-taking.


We make sure that every relevant step is checked and that no untested part leaves the assembly line. This can also include pharmacode verification. Based on individual product specifications, the verification of variable parameters can be carried out.

Surface treatment & Evacuating

According to your product requirements we integrate plasma and/or corona treatment as well as deionization. We also offer solutions for surface cleaning to reduce germs. Further on we can do evacuating of e.g. blood collection tubes or siliconization of cannulas.


With our own dosing laboratory, we ensure we are applying the best possible solution for your product. We offer the whole spectrum of dosing, e.g. additives for blood collection tubes: filling and spraying of liquids, as well as gel and powder dosing. You can also rely on us for the application of adhesives.

Drying & Curing

Depending on the adhesive, additive or other substances used, we take into account the specific parameters such as drying time, dosing quantity or the type of curing. The methods used include convection drying or UV- (LED) curing.


Thermal transfer, pad printing or labeling with integrated printer or inkjet - the labeling of your product can be done with a wide variety of methods. For example we offer you a 360° labeling solution. Discuss your product or packaging marking requirements with us.


The demands on medical packaging are wide spread and high. In order to ensure the protection of your product, we decide together with you on packaging material and the best packaging solution, e.g. a blister packaging machine. We are also glad to provide the final packaging. This can be done e.g. in bags, boxes or trays.

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