Assembly solutions for syringes

Precise assembly processes for the highest quality standards

From consulting to production: We not only offer you the processes for assembling your product, but also accompanies you from the first sketch to the permanently producing machine in your company. This includes detailed project planning, sophisticated engineering and realization within the specified time.

Each system is individually tailored to the customer’s needs to form special and state-of-the-art solutions for the most diverse and interactive processes.

Key Facts - Assembly of Syringes

We integrate all necessary processes into your assembly line. In addition to the processes shown here, many other individual processes can be integrated.

Gentle product handling

Optimized grippers and holders

Process know-how

Cycle time optimized bonding and hardening process

Product quality

Comprehensive testing, e.g. adhesion point and cannula orientation

High machine availability

Low-maintenance and compact design


Assembly of different formats and materials

Validated processes for safe implementation and use

Assembly solutions for syringes

Injections are an important way of drug delivery – especially during emergency treatments when drugs need to be quickly delivered to the bloodstream. In case of emergency allergy treatment, even untrained persons can use self-medication reliably by the help of auto-injectors, which include pre-filled syringes. Injections are also applied for strong painkillers, other medication & prevention as well as vaccines. Pre-filled syringes with a pre-assembled needle ensures simple and safe handling.

The demands on the single components as well as on the assembly and filling processes are high. Comprehensive qualification and approval processes have to be managed.

Quality of your product and your individual requirements are the focus

We are your project partner and offer great added value for your production

From product feed and bonding the cannula to inspection

Process know-how and individual process integration

The assembly machine covers the processes tray handling, product separation, insertion and bonding the cannula as well as various hardening and test procedures. Maximum safety is guaranteed by 100 % in-process controls (IPC): Tension test, flow test, optical inspection of several factors such as the needle alignment, needle tip or checking of the adhesion point. To keep a high output single bad parts are discharged individually. Individual requirements, for example about adhesives, can be taken into account at any time.

Different materials and geometries of the components, together with the high demands on product quality and performance, require well thought-out and precise solutions. As a result, you get a controlled and high-quality product – all without manual operator intervention.

Feel free to contact us about your individual requirements.

We meet the increasing demands of our customers through continuous development of our machines. Core topics such as gentle product handling and comprehensive product control are already an integral part of our machine solutions. Extensive qualification services round up our portfolio.

E. Wanner, Director Sales

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