Assembly solutions for blood collection tubes

Precise assembly and dispensing processes

From consulting to production: We not only offer you the processes for assembling your product, but also accompanies you from the first sketch to the permanently producing machine in your company. This includes detailed project planning, sophisticated engineering and realization within the specified time.

Each system is individually tailored to the customer’s needs to form special and state-of-the-art solutions for the most diverse and interactive processes.

Key Facts – Assembly of blood collection tubes

We integrate all necessary processes into your assembly line. In addition to the processes shown here, many other individual processes can be integrated.


Modular design & quick format change

Product quality

Control and monitoring of core processes

Coordinated complete system

Proven standard platforms & individual adaptations

Long machine autonomy time

Less manual operator interventions; ease of maintenance

Process expertise & process training

Proven dosing systems

Assembly process already decisive for later sample quality

Blood testing important for diagnostics

Reliable blood tests results are crucial for determining a successful treatment plan. Many laboratory tests require prepared tubes. Their production requires the dosing of various additives in liquid, gel or powder form. Among many other factors, precise dosing and the creation of a vacuum in the tube form the basis for meaningful results.

Decisive advantage for you: solution from a single source

Focus on the quality of your product and your individual requirements

From feeding individual components to packaging

Process diversity and individual process integration

  • Optimum design of the interfaces to the assembly line by our own sorting equipment construction department
  • User-friendly feeding of individual components as bulk material, stacks and in tanks
Mounting & Handling
  • Precise pressing of the rubber stoppers into the caps is crucial for subsequent sealing under vacuum
  • Safe handling of different components/materials as the basis for product quality
  • Proven dosing systems ensure dosing accuracy of additives in liquid, gel or powder form
  • Special solution for gel dosing ensures a bubble-free result
Spraying & drying
  • Homogeneous and reproducible spray pattern is important for drying and subsequent diagnostic application
  • Own test laboratory enables fine-tuning of dosing and drying parameters
  • Vacuum values adjustable via recipe management
  • Monitoring of vacuum generation and cap assembly
  • For protection and safe transport, the assembled tubes are placed in a polystyrene tray after labelling
  • A packaging machine can be integrated depending on the requirements
Optima Automation has developed a complete solution for the increasing demand for blood collection tubes in diagnostics. This includes all the individual processes required for this, in particular the dosing and vacuum technology. The focus is always on product quality and thus the competitiveness of our customers in the market. In addition, we support our customers in various project phases with our process know-how.

E. Wanner, Director Sales

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